How much space can I get for free?

My previous post talks about the different memory sizes we hear being discussed all the time - Gigabytes, Megabytes, Terabytes. It explains what a unit of each of those will actually get you - or save to your phone etc. - in real life. The next common question I hear is how much free space have I got on my device/computer?" and "How much *can* I get?".

Below is an image giving an overview of how much free cloud space/memory you get from each major technology vendor for free. Some come with devices when you buy them - Google Drive for Android phones/devices, Apple's iCloud with iPhones or iPads, and some are independent or come attached to a PC when you buy it. Almost all can be availed of even if you don't have the device or computer in general - space is cheap and each of these vendors wants you to engage with them as much as possible so as to lead to other sales further down the line. Information accurate as of October 2019.

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