Other Services

As well as training services, ComputerTutor is often approached by clients to do other work, and provides the services shown below.  As authors of the successful book "Click Through" - A Practical Guide to Starting and Running Your Business Online, and as previous owners of several online shopping sites ourselves, we are well-versed in the practicalities of creating a successful online presence for your business or yourself.  We regularly work with Clients to build websites, run newsletter campaigns, create online advertising campaigns with Google Ads, Facebook and more.  We offer a practical approach to what is often a huge and dazzling set of options in online marketing, and give you pragmatic advice as to what will really work for your business and your market sector.  


Group Training & Webinars

We receive regular requests for Corporate and Group Training, both in person and online and always enjoy delivering the sessions.  To keep costs down, we focus the training on exactly what your team needs, while providing a general better grounding in using computers, and provide supplementary videos for use post-training.  Recent Clients include Care Alliance Ireland, Westrock and Huber Group
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When working with website agencies or web developers, it can be hard to discern exactly what you need from all the options available for websites today.  So much terminology, so many different prices.  We provide a personal face to website work, and spend time getting to know your business so we can advise you the right kind of site for your business.  Recent sites include: 
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Online Marketing

While you may not realise it, online advertising is most likely the way you found us.  We create targeted advertising campaigns for our clients that don't blow marketing budgets, but do  harness the huge amounts of data this medium provides.  That data is used to hone campaigns to generate the most leads for the lowest spend wherever possible.  

Newsletters & Social Media

The power of the spoken word shouldn't be underestimated, and in modern form that often takes the form of social media followings, posts and shares, or more traditional newsletters sharing the business's story with your client base.  Both afford great opportunities for referrals and cross marketing when used correctly and we work successfully with clients in both areas. For more information on this or any of our other services, Email Us today.